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The Importance of Graphic Design to a Brand

The quality of content in a website, the aesthetics and the navigation are very important when designing a website. When a visitor comes to a website, they can either opt to close that webpage, or they are compelled to get more insight to what it is about. Graphic design to a website is as important as having quality content. Remember a visitor will first see the graphic images before they even get to read the content.

About Graphic Design

A professional graphic designer knows how to make the graphics effective. It is not enough to have graphic images since they have to be good enough for their purpose. Graphic design may be seen in graphic text headings, photos, image maps, navigation buttons, logos, background images, divider lines and bullet points. When all these are perfectly done, you will have one of the most appealing websites.

Benefits of a Well Blended Web Design

From compelling visitors to get to the relevant content to the website giving a visual appeal and giving it a professional look, there are plenty of benefits to reap from well-blended graphic design.

The Website Looks More Professional

Although experts say, content is king, a well-designed website needs more than this. A good graphic design boosts the appearance of a well-designed website. It makes it appear more professional giving the owner the much-desired results. One of our favorite examples with our previous client United Medical Education. We helped them build their website and enhance their flow of traffic to their online ACLS certification course. This was a huge deal because it dramatically improved their bounce rate related to doctors and nurses visiting their website. Even though they offered free training to healthcare professionals it can still be difficult to keep someones attention.

Enhances Visual Appeal

The first impression of a website matters most if a potential client is going to stay or not.  The bright colors of the images that are well blended add a visual appeal.  It is from the first impression that they can easily connect to the site and proceed to find out what they have been looking for.  This could translate into revenue.

Boost Brand Reputation

When graphics are well incorporated in a website, this boosts the brand reputation. If a logo is well designed, this will have potential and existing clients talk about it. It plays a role in your brand identity which could attract more customers. 

Good Graphic Design Supports Usability

Some websites can be really hard to navigate. This is a different case with good graphic design. Users have a better experience and will love using your website. It also helps in instilling a sense of trust when a website looks its best.

For any business that has a vision of staying afloat, graphic design is very important. When a website is well designed, and graphics are well blended, this stimulates a visitor to reach out for more whether there are services of products being sold. It instills that sense of trust. When a customer is not in a position to come to your shop, or you probably offer online services, your website is your representation, and thus the graphics in it should be of the highest quality. For this reason, whether you are designing it yourself or you are getting a professional to do so, the results should be extra-ordinary.

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Five Tools that Graphic Designers Need In 2017

If you are thinking about becoming a graphic designer or starting to learn graphic design, you are going to need to invest in the right tools. You do not need the latest software and hardware, but it is worth investing in the best tools that you can afford. Here are the must-have tools for graphic designers in 2017.

1. Right Software for You and Your Budget

There are a lot options for software at all price points. Adobe’s Creative Cloud is a popular option for many graphic designers because there are many features that make it easy to use. This software suite costs about $50 USD per month. Other great options for software including After Effects, In Design, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Most design software has a free trial available. This allows you to try the software before buying it, so you can make sure that it is the right fit for your style and type of work.

2. Macbook or Surface Book/Studio

A decent computer is important for a graphic designer because you need to run the software around the same speed as your brain. Mac has been the popular choice for graphic designers for the longest time. However, Microsoft’s Surface Studio has changed the landscape of hardware. The Surface Studio lays flat and still can be used a traditional laptop. The best option will depend on your preferred operating system and design of the device.

3. Good Smartphone

You are not going to use a smartphone for most design work, but you are going to need one. This is important because you are going to be replying to clients and emails regularly. You also can use it for soft proofs and view other items on the go. The best option is to buy a smartphone that is easy to use and has a large, vibrant screen.

4. An Ergonomic Desk and Chair

When you are working at a computer all day, you should make sure that you invest in a good ergonomic desk and chair. These items are costly.

There are many models of ergonomic desks and chairs, so take some time to check them out. If you can sit for around 30 minutes in the chair to make sure that it is comfortable for you. Having the right equipment can prevent medical injuries in the future. Sitting for a long time improperly can even dramatically effect your heart health. Making sure you have the right chair or desk can help you avoid having to see a doctor trained in ACLS certification online in the future.

5. Reliable Storage

We all know the pain of losing files, because of a computer failing to save a file or forgetting to back-up all the data. The best option for graphic designers is to not store their files on their computer. Solid-state drives are a great option because there are no moving parts. They are expensive, but they last longer and load information faster. Cloud storage can also be used, but it limits you to uploading and downloading files to only when you have an internet connect.

The tools that graphic designers need will depend on the work they do and their preferred art style. There are many options of hardware and software for graphic design. So, the best tools for you will depend on your budget and your art style.

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