Regardless if you are a business owner, a website manager or a marketer, creating a graphic design that can capture the attention of your audience is essential.  Perhaps you are creating a graphic that you will use for your social media and blog content, or you are probably planning to create a stunning presentation which will impress your audience.

Best Graphic Design Tips

In case you are seeking the help of the experienced designer, they will advise you to read books about the design principle.  They will also tell you to master Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.  However, in case you are just starting as a graphic designer, here are some tips that will guide you towards the right direction.

Find an Inspiration

Before you start with your task, you will need to gather different inspirations.  One of the perfect places to find great images is through Pinterest.  If you notice a unique design which emanates beauty and creativity, try adding that to your board.  Remember that your board should not be a source of plagiarism.  To become a successful designer, you need to find your personal style.  The collection of design pinned at your board serves as your inspiration.


After collecting your inspiration, the next thing to do is to observe it.  Examine the text, shapes, lines and the different elements in the design and how it was combined in order to create an art piece.  You will notice that the graphic element is a combination of different simple elements.  Observing and analyzing the design will help you to create your own design.  While you are developing your skills, you will understand which tools you should use to create those elements.

The Font

One of the essential aspects of graphic design would be its clarity. If the font style that you choose makes it unreadable just to make it visually appealing, then your project would be doomed to fail.  Choose a font style that doesn’t have too many strokes.  In case you are using different font style, make sure that they will not be too different.  The eye of the reader will need to adjust before they can read a text that has different style.  This doesn’t mean that you should stick with a boring style especially when you have hundreds of other fonts that you can use.

Cohesion of Color

One of the most common mistakes of the beginners is that they utilize all the skills that they learned on a single graphic design project.  Their creations ended up full of shapes, fonts, colors and a variety of elements that lack cohesion.  This contrasting element would not be good for your design.  Avoid the combination of contrasting colors such as orange-blue, purple-yellow and red-green.  Choose the color which reflects the emotion that you want.  Go for green if you want it to be fresh, calm and peaceful.  Blue can be intriguing and depressing. 

Finally, in case you love your design, but you are not very confident from your creation, you can ask the opinion of the experts.  This is an opportunity for you to learn from your mistake and find acls pretest answers.  You should not be afraid to receive feedback.